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Group trips are for adults and kids 10 and up who are confident swimmers. Mike will supply everyone with fins, a mask and snorkel, and an inflatable snorkel vest is optional. After a 1 to 2 minute walk to the beach, Mike will give the group instruction on use of the equipment and explain safety concerns. We will spend about 5 minutes in the shallow water getting used to the gear and breathing through the snorkel with our face in the water. After a 5 to 10 minute swim we will be over the reef in about 10’ of water. We can usually see the reef and fish from the surface but diving under will certainly provide a better view of the colorful marine life! Once we are over the reef and are comfortable floating and breathing, Mike will offer to take photos if the conditions are safe.

If you are unsure of your swimming ability or have younger children, a private trip is recommended. Trips last about an hour in the water so we cannot spend more than 10 minutes in the shallows before heading out. If anyone is still not comfortable we will have to leave them behind to practice in the shallow water or enjoy the beach until the group returns.