Want to share a private snorkel experience with that special someone? Have a family with children under 10 who are confident swimmers? Maybe you are an adult who isn’t such a confident swimmer? These are all GREAT reasons to book a Private Snorkel Trip! Mike will spend the time required to be sure your experience is safe and fun.

Kids under 10 can be excellent swimmers, and many times they outperform their families. However, they sometimes require special attention that cannot be provided in a group snorkel experience without sacrificing attention to other guests. In order to provide the safest experience possible for all guests, Mike does not bring youths under 10 on Group Snorkel Trips.

Adults who are not confident swimmers or comfortable in the water should consider a Private Snorkel Trip. Group trips spend 5-10 minutes in the shallow water getting used to the gear and breathing through the snorkel with our faces in the water before swimming out to the reef. In order to provide sufficient time for the group to enjoy the reef, we cannot spend too much time in the shallow water. Anyone not ready after 10 minutes must be left behind to practice in the shallow water or enjoy the beach until the group returns. Booking a Private Snorkel Trip will allow Mike to spend the time required to get you comfortable in the water (if possible) and out to the reef.